Is this the craziest recording session ever?

David Mellor

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Monday December 6, 2010

Want to see a really crazy recording session? Well here it is...

Clearly this is the famous Air Recording Studio in London.

And also clearly their regular engineers were taking the day off.

Look at the weird selection of mics. And they are set in all kinds of random positions.

Putting the drums among the choir? Oh dear. And heaven knows where the guitar amplifiers are!

And some choristers are much closer the mics than others. What's the matter? Did they want the choir to sound thin and sparse? Or maybe some of the singers weren't up to the job.

Well clearly it's just a commercial. And the soundtrack we hear isn't anything like the sound a session like this would produce.

We don't know what Ibuleve does. But on the basis of this recording session, we don't recommend it!

More pics from the session...

Anyone else had a session like this? (And prepared to admit to it!)

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