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Thursday November 30, 2006
FREE EBOOK DOWNLOAD ►, the premiere online pro audio training provider has released a new in-depth Pro Tools 7 training product entitled “Excel Pro Tools 7”. Containing 34 video tutorials and running over 3 hours in length, “Excel Pro Tools 7” covers many useful “Tips and Tricks” and task specific topics about the industry standard recording software Digidesign Pro Tools 7.

Just some of the tutorial videos on “Excel Pro Tools 7” include:

• Cleaning Vocal Tracks• Create a Composite Track• Auto Punch Recording• Groove Quantize Audio• Recording Reason Rewire• Recording Virtual Inst• Print FX to Track• Using Playlists• Stereoize Tracks• Creating Submixes• Telephone Effect

“Excel Pro Tools 7” is available for purchase right now exclusively as an Instant Digital Download or “IDD” directly from for only $39.99.

Additionally, Groovebox is offering FREE DAW training with their 'G-Pass Free' online membership. Only a quick moment is needed to sign up allowing instant access to high quality, in-depth training videos about the most popular DAW and pro audio topics.

G-Pass training product highlights include:?• Training available for all levels of audio software users?• Easy to understand tutorials written by experts and real world users?• Videos organized into categories for easy searching and viewing?• Large viewing screen with CD quality audio?• Simple to use interface that works on Mac OSX and Windows XP?• No installation required - just double-click and learn??Visit for more info.

For more information, go to

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